Order Delivery Date

Order Delivery Date for Shopify

Allow your customers to choose a specific delivery date for the products they purchase.

You will offer your customers an advantageous purchasing process customized for their needs allowing them to set an ad hoc delivery date and time;

You will increase orders for the products that users will need to receive later, due to a business trip, a vacation, etc. to prevent them from postponing their purchase.

  • Select a Delivery Date & Delivery Time
  • Show the days available for the delivery
  • Split the deliveries into time slots
  • Go on holiday without any concern
  • Create local pick-up locations
  • Only display future dates
  • Export orders to a CSV document with filters
  • Set non-delivery times for weekends, holidays, etc

How you can benefit from it?

Less doubts. More sales.

Flexible time slot

Create a time slot with interval or continuous range. Assign order limit on each time slot. Set different timing for different days of the week. You can disable the time option for delivery or for pickup

Delivery or Pickup order

Give your customer a clear option to choose between delivery or pickup type. If you don’t offer delivery or pickup you can easily disable it.


You can set dates when you don’t want to do pickup or delivery, this dates won’t be available for selection on the cart page. You can set different holiday dates for pickup and delivery