Frequently Asked Questions


Easy FAQ Page, Customer FAQs, Product FAQs

Create beautiful FAQ page, support page or product FAQs

FAQ app helps you to create modern FAQ pages for your store. The app is carefully built by taking all end users into consideration which makes your life easy.

  • Responsive and modern customizable templates
  • Lot of configuration options for FAQ page
  • Rich text editor for answers
  • Show FAQs on any page
  • Categorization support
  • Allow customers to search for FAQs through search bar
  • Multiple Template available
  • Built-in cache

Why do I need FAQ?

Less doubts. More sales.

Boost sales by anticipating clients’ questions

Provide your customers with the answers they are looking for before they asked for them and eliminate any obstacles on their way to purchase.

Help your clients understand your business better

Use answers to reveal all the details about your business terms and conditions and show the benefits of your products or services.

Reduce Support service time and cost by 40%

Be proactive and provide answers to the most frequent customer questions to prevent more inquiries to your Support Center.

Rich text editor

You can use powerful rich editor to edit text of question

4+ Design Layouts

No coding, no need for a developer - our app allows multiple design for faq

Built-in cache

We use caching method to boost your store speed


Display your website FAQ the most user-friendly way

With three four layouts, you will find the one that will help the best representation of your content in the way handy for readers. Our Accordion FAQ app offers List layout showing answers below the questions, Accordion layout, revealing the answer on click, and Multicolumn variant to divide the content into several columns.